Incense Preparation

One may consider the use of fragrance as form of self-expression. As The Shambhala’s core values, we source and manufacture incense only the finest, raw ingredients for you to take delight in and enhance your life. Our Incense comes in many types for your convenience and to compliment your lifestyle – Incense Stick, Cones, Coil.


Our Raw Ingredients

Preparing the perfect bowl of Incense Alchemy

While it is perceived as easy to prepare a bowl of incense, perfecting a bowl of incense takes years of skills and practice, with a set of proper incense, technique and patience. Preview a quick demonstration by our Kodo Master – Mr. Lim Say Fon, on preparing a perfect bowl of incense alchemy.

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1. Gently fill white chaff ash into the center of the incense burner until it’s ¾ full. 2. Take the flat incense tool and distribute the white chaff ash evenly until the surface becomes perfectly smooth and compact. 3. Carefully place the ash press over the incense burner. 4. Use the incense spatula and scoop loose incense powder over the ash press. 5. Turning slowly in a clock-wise direction, use the metal spoon to gather and press the loose incense powder into the design of the ash press. 6. Once the ash press is filled, carefully release the ash press from the incense burner, leaving an imprint of the ash press. 7. Ignite the incense powder. 8. Steadily hold up the incense burner before you 9. Listen and feel the incense.

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