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Handpicked from the seasons of different regions, we source only herbs and spices of the utmost quality and potency to be used consistently in our production of top-grade aromatic incense.

Through years of research and teachings from many humble backgrounds, our Kodo Master – Master Lim Say Fon, reacquired lost wisdoms of this art and its secret, sacred scriptures from his frequent travels to Japan and China. And finally, the hidden gem of the east is now rested with us – The Shambhala. Today, we are recognized for our main linages from Ancient China and Ancient Japan. The former had been handed down by many dynasties and through many generations of Kōdō Masters and Grand Physicians while the latter focuses on traditional formulation and production methods of incense, and is now recognized by Great Kōdō Master – Master Hidetsugu Tanaka.

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Our Kodo Master

As the first Chinese student to be endorsed by Japanese Kodo Master Hidetsugu Tanaka-sensei, Mr. Lim Say Fon received his lineage in the 8th generation of mastering the Japanese art of Kodo (香道). He has dedicated his life to embark on the journey. Recognised by China International Highest Agarwood Association and China Aromatic Incense Therapy Culture Institute for his lineage, Master Lim Say Fon has many years of in-depth experience in Kodō. He has been exclusively invited to conduct courses for in various parts of the world and personally hosted more than 20 workshops, in Singapore. In many of his lessons, Master Lim Say Fon breathes life and passion in imparting the sacred knowledge of incense application as not only a form of therapy and alchemy, but in the matter of savoir-faire. 

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