Aizen Love Incense
Aizen Love Incense

Aizen Love Incense 爱染香

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Weight: 20g A sweet blend of floral and spices which leaves you with a warm and happy feeling throughout the day. 材料有沉香、檀香、红莲花瓣、莲花蕊、龙脑香、肉桂等十多种香料复合而成。 The materials include agarwood, sandalwood, lotus incense, cinnamon and other incense. Lotus – Generally associated with mental clarity, increased focus, and heightened intelligence. Because of these properties Lotus is often seen as ideal for meditation. Lotus incense reduces anxiety hence calming the mind.. and is often prescribe to treat medical conditions like depression, and nervousness. The lotus oil enhances one to concentrate by giving one peace of mind and clarity.This also assist in one’s temperament development The lotus oil has a warming effect that stimulates circulation of blood. The oil is competent enough to improve circulation of blood for proper and healthy functioning of the body. It helps in lowering high blood pressure and works effectively on gall blander, and liver that assist in alleviating anger. The oil also helps to realize internalized anger. Its sweet scent gives a relaxing effect to brain, muscle, and nerves. Cinnamon – Cinnamon is by far the most useful incense and also one of the easiest to find. To start, cinnamon is fire associative, which makes it a good choice when dealing with fire elementals and also useful for communing with fire associative deities (like Mars). It’s also associated with passion, lust, and sexual desire. Apart from that, cinnamon is really good at raising energy. If you’re trying to raise energy, and promote blood circulation cinnamon is the incense you want to burn. When blended together with Sandalwood and agarwood, the mixture emanate an alluring sweetness and warm feeling, hence the name Aizen Love incense.

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