Kinko Peace Aromatic Incense
Kinko Peace Aromatic Incense

Kinko (Peace) Aromatic Incense

SGD 55.00

Weight: 20g A vigorous blend of sandalwood, white mustard seeds, benzoin and delicately infused with more than 10 other herbs and spices; reigned from an ancient prescription by “The Homa Practitioner – Sutra”. Among them, benzoin has been prescribed to improve blood circulation, relieve anxiety tension, nervousness and uplift moods and aids in sleep wellness. Benzoin incense, being warm and disinfectant in nature helps in the removal of coughs from the respiratory system comprising the trachea, bronchi, and lungs, and relieves congestion. it eases breathing. While its tranquilizing properties help relax and induce sleep for patients who cannot sleep due to extreme congestion from coughs and colds. When the molecules of the components of benzoin is inhaled and detected by our smell receptors, the effects are transmitted to our brain, stimulating the nervous center. This gives you a warm feeling, which stimulates the heartbeat, and improves blood circulation. Researchers found that mustard oil works against certain pain receptors by blocking some pain signals. They also found that mustard seeds has great anti-inflammatory properties. Historically, mustard oil has been used to: soothe aches and pains, decrease inflammation from chest conditions such as bronchitis and pneumonia. Both Mustard Seeds and Benzoin have also been traditionally used in religious purpose to for cleansing and protection against negative energy. Agarwood and Sandalwood are added to enhance the aroma and level of of the blend. All these unfolds, with great subtlety, a refreshing-sweet fragrance into the air which cleanses negative vibrations within it’s vicinity, bringing peace and calmness to all protected by it.

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